Stump Removal And Grinding

When a tree falls, or you are doing renovations, sometimes you want to get rid of a tree stump that’s leftover. Many times the landscape company will do that for you. However, there are instances where this doesn’t happen, or you’ve moved into a home that just has a stump in the middle of the yard that becomes either an eyesore or a bench that people sit on. Perhaps trees have fallen after a storm and you want the stumps taken care of. It is not recommended to tie a chain to the bumper of your car and try and get it out that way (many have tried, many have also lost their bumpers).

There are a few choices you can either do it yourself and rent equipment from places like Home Depot, or you can hire a professional tree service company to do the job. If you want it done right, without the possibility of injuring yourself, then we recommend giving us a call.

Stump Removal versus Stump Grinding

Who knew there was a difference? While both have the same result, no more tree stump, they are different processes to go through. Stump removal involves getting the roots and everything and pretty much digs it up. This can result in you having a big hole in the yard that now needs to be filled. But it’s also a difficult task. The roots are much larger than the trees themselves and can take up vast areas of the yard. So you will be doing a lot of digging. We’ve tried this on a smaller bush and felt that the roots were in China and it took days to eventually get it out.

That’s why many try the much easier way, which is stump grinding. This involves the tree being cut down to the ground, and then a stump grinder literally grinds the tree up into small pieces. These can then be used as mulch if you so desire. Once it’s ground a few inches below the surface, the hole is covered with dirt, and the rest of the roots will eventually decay and die out. This is the preferred, easier method.

Other Ways of Removing a Tree Stump

There are other methods to stump removal as well if you are planning on doing it yourself. You can chemically remove the tree stump which involves getting a solution from your local gardening store which is something that is high in nitrogen, and drill holes in the stump. You then pour the solution and let it work. It takes either weeks or months for it to decay the stump enough so that you can chop it up. But this isn’t recommended when you have children or pets because you don’t want them touching that, that’s for sure. So while it’s an option, it’s not necessarily something you want to try with the family around.

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