Emergency And Storm Damage Tree Removal

When you have a home, there is a lot to consider, especially when it comes to the landscape and the trees. When you are in the midst of a hurricane or blizzard many wonder if the trees in their yards will be stable and remain that way, or will they fall into the home, or the power lines, doing serious damage and potentially harm.

Regardless of how much you worry, you can’t prevent it from happening (unless you are aware that the tree is unstable in which case you should consider tree removal), but other than that, mother nature is going to do her thing and if that means a tree falls, well it will. Here are some tips for if this happens to you.

tree fallen onto house after storm

Determine responsibility

You first have to determine whose responsibility is. If the tree is located near the street, it could be considered public property which means it’s the town’s responsibility to remove the tree and deal with any damage that has occurred from that. Check with your city first if that is the location. If the tree is near the property line for you and a neighbor you have to determine whose tree it is and where the property line falls. If the tree is on your property, then it’s your responsibility to get the damage fixed. Neighbors property, same goes, you will have to discuss with them how to handle the situation.

Check with Homeowners insurance

If the tree has damaged your home, you will need to contact your insurance company. I would also recommend contacting tree companies and getting an estimate to be able to provide them with if necessary. From there they will have to determine what needs to be fixed and how to handle the situation if the house was damaged to a point where it is uninhabitable. If that is the case and there is a lot of work to be done they may be able to set you up in a hotel or location that you will be safe until the work is complete. But again that is dependent on your insurance policy, and what is covered.

Find a Company that does Emergency services

One of the reasons that reputable tree companies, like ourselves, provide emergency services 24/7 is because Mother Nature doesn’t wait for regular business hours. We will get to you quickly to survey the damage and take it from there. If trees have broken and snapped, we can clear up debris, and if you wish we can remove the tree stump. Just remember though if it’s a particularly bad storm and there is a lot of damage all around, you may still have to wait a little while for service, if it’s damaging your home or a safety issue, we will be with you as quick as we can.

Having storm damage and falling trees can be a scary experience, but as long as no one is hurt, everything is replaceable. Maybe even prepare, especially if you know the weather in your area, and have some numbers on hand and know what your insurance policy says. Don’t wait until it happens, have a plan beforehand.

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